Vitomir Konstantinovic

Professor Vitomir Konstantinovic, DDS, MD, MSc, PhD, Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Dental medicine, University of Belgrade; Immediate past Director of Serbian Dental Chamber.


University of Belgrade - Faculty of Stomatology (1984), Faculty of Medicine (1992); Master of Science Thesis (MSc, 1991); Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery (1993); Doctorate Thesis (PhD) (1996) Teaching and Professional Experience.

Teaching and Professional Experience

Professor in Maxillofacial surgery (1997–), in Implantology (2002-); Chief of the Cathedra of Surgery, School of Dental medicine, University of Belgrade (2006 -2019); Full member of Serbian Medical Academy (2006-); European AO faculty (2006-); Councillor for Serbia in EACMFS (2006-2012; 2019-) and in IAOMS (2012-2019); President of BAMS (2008-2011); Director of Serbian Dental Chamber (2013-2021); IF Master of Immediate Loading (2005-)

Research Projects

From 1991 – principal investigator or collaborator more than 15 scientific projects;

Publications & Presentations

Presented more than 200 scientific papers and reports; published 12 Textbooks, 71 articles in international journals, 9 in domestic, cited more than 1350 times (WoS, Scopus), h-i 19; more than 150 lectures by invitation.

Treatment of Peri-Implantitis with Implants

The goal in implantology is to obtain successful implant osseofixation and osseointegration in order to allow implant-anchored prosthesis. Although the implant success rate is very high (up to 98%), implantologists are challenged with certain complications. One of the most serious problems that modern dental implantology has been facing recently is Periimplantitis (PI). According to current literature data, the prevalence of peri-implantitis is very high. On the implant level PI ranged up to a surprising 85.0% and the incidence on the patient level from up to 43.9% within 5 years, respectively. Peri-implantitis can be treated nonsurgical (mechanical, antiseptic, and antibiotics), by surface decontamination (chemical and laser), and surgical (rough surface polishing, air powder abrasive, regenerative as well as with the Corticobasal implants). Examples of PI treatment modalities will be shown, focusing on exchanging conventional 2 piece implants with one-piece corticobasal implants in immediate loading protocols.